Online Car Auctions – The Benefits of Online Car Auctions Over Classifieds

Online car auctions compared to classified ads is a “no brainer” when you are looking for variety and great value and let’s face it, what else is there?

Let’s compare.

Although classified ads have been in existence for a very long time, auctions, by comparison have been around all throughout recorded history.

A classified ad usually contains some personal information as well as a description and or picture of the item or product for sale and classified ads were traditionally found mostly in newspapers and various periodical publications in the past.

The print medium of publishing advertising was then replaced by television and then the internet became the most widely used medium to publish classified ads.

The online nature of modern classified advertising has contributed to its popularity world-wide.

There are many advantages to the internet besides massive distribution, it’s possible to compose your ad with all the specifics of your product and or service you are offering, as well as ads can even be optimized and targeted to your prospective customers by means of keywords and phrases which specifically relate to your product.

You can even target a specific focused area or group for your products, for instance; a store owner located in Woodstock, New York can sell and buy products by advertising them on a website offering free Woodstock classified ads service. These websites offer categories that include car or truck classified listings, motorcycle, boat, job and real estate classifieds most popular of all, appliances classified ads.

Online car auctions on the other hand, get straight to the point. They are about cars (standard, luxury and antique), trucks (big and small and even some antique), SUV’s (all kinds), Motorcycles (all kinds including old classics) and Parts (different kinds and lots of them). Notice I did not mention boats, appliances or real estate because there aren’t any! Although you can find such items on general online auctions.

The main advantage of online car auctions or any kind of auction is that they combine the basic classified ad model and add to is the energy of a contest, win or lose, do or die and that is good for sellers, unless you know how to play the game.

The Secret Sauce

There are hundreds, even thousands of online auto auctions happening all over the country every day. In fact there are so many automotive auctions available online that several online car auction services have come into existence and that, my friend, is the “secret sauce” of success.

Online auction services maintain large comprehensive data bases which are available to their members 24/7 after paying a small annual fee. These services also provide all kinds of educational material, like videos to give their members the edge they need to out fox competing bidders even those with years of auction experience.