A Review of Popular Medical/Health and Fitness Apps From 2011

With an “App” for just about everything these days, users are continually evolving in their desire for App driven interfaces. Initially created to expand the capability of the iPhone, the App movement has gone well beyond its expectations and seems to have no limit in sight. A new area of growing popularity is medicine, health and fitness. With users more conscientious and knowledgeable than ever about their heath and wellness, apps have adapted and facilitated the process of delivering medically related information and software. The following article will look at some of the most popular Medical/Health & Wellness applications of 2011 and describe how they found their niche in a niche market.The first application that has earned strong following amongst emergency and cardiac physicians is the airstrip – cardiology application. With the ability of physicians to check a patients electrocardiogram while outside the point of presentation on their iPhone, this application truly revolutionizes efficiency in cardiac medical care. With the ability to provide a preliminary analysis and display a history of ECG readings, the airstrip app allows for quicker, more informed decision making. It is clear why airstrip has gained such praise.With workout programs coming and going, it is hard to determine which one will actually work. P90X has made following its paid program one step easier with the P90X iPhone workout app. The main P90X interface allows a user to see the workout of the day, track his or her current progress, and see his or her nutrition journal; all while on the go. The workout program is, as its name indicates, a workout plan that takes 90 days to complete. The unique feature of this workout program is the ability to perform its routines with a limited amount of fitness equipment in the comfort of ones home or office. The portability makes this app especially attractive to those always on the go.The next application was designed with the student or science geek in mind. Anatomy 3D allows a user to look at three dimensional models of an organ system in the human body from the comfort of their iPad. The application takes visuospacial learning to a new level by allowing the operator to pan zoom around the displayed model to truly get an intuitive idea of where the landmark exists and how it functions in coordination with the neighboring anatomy. This is a great tool for brushing up on or learning human anatomy for the first time.Finally, Mobile MIM expands the bounds of the radiology dark room to the extent of a campsite or airport. With the ability to retrieve recent diagnostic images from CT, MRI, SPECT, and PET modalities, a radiologist can now truly be on the go. While the platform notes that images should always be reconfirmed in the dark room, the ability to make a preliminary read for immediate treatment is now possible from both an iPhone or an iPad. The innovative software allows the user to pan through images and read diagnostic history for the presentation being viewed. Though extremely niche within a niche, Mobile MIM is growing in popularity amongst radiologists.The Apps of 2011 have both left their impact and planted the seed of innovation for future developers to ponder.

Health and Fitness

”HEALTH AND FITNESS” – a topic about which everybody is concerned. General health and fitness has become an increasing priority for people all over the world. Staying healthy is almost as important as staying alive, as life loses its charm without physical and mental health and fitness. In today’s life of chaos it become very difficult for anyone to think about their health and fitness. In-spite of that we take every precaution to remain fit as we all are familiar with the old saying that “health is wealth”. Remaining fit and healthy not only helps us to enjoy every moments of our life but also allows us to do something for our country in the sense that if we are healthy then we not only work at the top of our capabilities but also work efficiently and effectively leading to fewer errors. Study reveals that if we are healthy then we will also have a better framework of mind to tackle with adverse situations.To remain fit and healthy we need to follow a strict routine which not only comprises of healthy food habits but also a fixed time for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your diet is central to staying healthy. For working personnel though it become very tough to follow a strict routine but they should take every measures and try to be on the same procedure. Exercises and yoga is a magic mantra for fitness. We should do exercises regularly and avoid junk food as far as possible which is the greatest threat to our health as it is made up of things that are not suitable for our health and can cause severe diseases. It seems like everyday there is a new fitness craze sweeping the nation and all day long you are bombarded with advertisements telling you about the new greatest diet where you are guaranteed to lose weight easily.Fitness and exercise aren’t the only components to women’s health, though. Your diet is central to staying healthy. Working at a night job is really tiring and not many people are capable enough to handle it.Working at a night job is really tiring and not many people are capable enough to handle it.It is probably the most difficult thing to achieve for people working in night shifts. The body needs minimum 7 hours sleep to ensure it gets rid of all the tiredness. People working night shifts should try to sleep immediately after coming back from work. It is natural that the body won’t feel sleepy in the morning and this is something which needs to be worked on. After coming from the shift relax for a few minutes and go for a warm water bath. Have a light breakfast and read a book for sometime, the mind will automatically start feeling sleepy. Make sure the cell phones are on the silent mode and the sleeping session is not interrupted by people. This may sound very repetitive but healthy eating helps to boost a good sleeping pattern. Follow a nourishing diet and do not skip meals. Avoid consuming fast food or soft drinks as they fill the body with empty calories and lead to excessive weight gain. Eat healthy salads frequently. People should avoid indulging in heavy eating after coming home from work.

Education and Careers: The Paths We Choose

We all know that education prices are skyrocketing, and the return on investment (ROI) is not so clear. Degrees, they say, used to guarantee a job, and now jobs that used to only require a bachelor’s degree require a master’s, and so on. This means that the ROI has decreased, and that higher education is undergoing inflation. Technological changes, moreover, are eliminating midlevel service jobs.According to a May 2011 report by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University, full-time workers with a bachelor’s degree earn, on average, 84 percent more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. If workers, then, with a bachelor’s degree are now filling jobs that those with only a high school diploma used to have, then living conditions and salaries for them are poor, and salaries for those without a degree are unlivable. In this situation, it is necessary to earn a higher degree, and yet, hard if not impossible to receive a decent ROI for the time and money spent.In comes online education. Online higher degrees are becoming more credible and more common. And as if on a linear train of thought – in comes free online education, offered from top universities around the country (MOOCs). Moreover, the career opportunities that only a degree-in-hand allow are merging with online ed options: just a few weeks ago Georgia Tech announced that it was merging with Udacity to provide a reasonably-priced computer science program. In the totally unbalanced situation of higher than reasonable brick-and-mortar degree prices versus free online education, hybrid models are emerging as one way of answering to the issue for positive ROI outcomes.ROI: What Does It Really Mean? OR Is Money What It’s All About?According to government projections, by 2020, only three of the thirty fields with the largest projected job openings will require a bachelor’s degree or higher to fill the position: teachers, college professors, and accountants. Most of the available positions will be midlevel jobs not easily replaced by technology such as retail sales associates, fast food workers and truck drivers.College graduates who majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art history and humanities are now among the least likely to find jobs appropriate to their education level, while nursing, teaching, accounting, and computer science graduates are the most likely. Graduates with degrees in marketing, finance, human resources, and advertising are seeing an increase in career opportunities and therefore ROI.’While engineering and computer science consistently rate among the top-paying college majors, students should also research employment demand and hot skillsets,’ Andrea Porter, communications director at Georgetown’s CEW, said to USNews for a piece called ‘College Majors With the Best Return on Investment.’ “Research what skills are most valuable in the labor market… and depending on those ‘hot skills’ you can also obtain a certificate that will provide you skills that will set you apart,” she added.Katie Bardaro, a lead economist at PayScale (an online salary database), contributed to the piece by stating that engineering, physics, computer science, and mathematics boast strong earning potential and low unemployment rates, which can help prospective employees reap the highest return on their education investment.Many are concerned, because where there are jobs there isn’t enough talent and where there is talent, jobs are limited. And since ROI is usually only calculated by the maximum money one receives for their time spent in college, top-paying careers which are in-demand are listed as the top careers.If you are cut out for the analytical work, these advisers say, then do it! For the money.But what about for those who don’t necessary need the maximum paying career – those who see what they want to contribute and what they themselves are talented in as important first, and then wish to identify how to make a living? Is money the most important thing to all of us? When did economical ROI become the most important aspect of continuing one’s education? And the answer of course, is always for some, and for other’s: when this became a concern.No, money is not the most important factor for all of us. “Teachers aren’t in it for the money,” for example, is a common expression of the profession. But money can help us get places. Money is necessary to survive. A decent paycheck, good working conditions, and fulfilling our dreams is the ideal for many of us.If money was the only thing that mattered, then perhaps we would all heed the advice of the higher education advisers who say – enter computer science now! Perhaps it is not that we do not have the ability, talent or work ethic, but simply, that our interests lead us somewhere else. Some of us have our own visions to follow. What then?Fulfilling Our Highest VisionsWe have an economy that is based on creating revenue by selling things we don’t need cheap and making a profit vs. filling real world needs for humanity’s benefit. We are conditioned to want more money and certain things – often brands. There is too much competition in fields we don’t really need, and too many shady businesses and practices that take advantage of people. Imagine if we focused on the best and putting capable people into jobs that actually serve people, imagine if money didn’t matter the way it does for people and businesses of today. But it does because money is the most powerful thing in our world. Even knowledge doesn’t come close to the power money allows a person to yield.Technology should make things easier on all of us, not take away a limited amount of jobs and further the economic gap between the wealthy and the poor, making only the hardest jobs that cannot easily be filled by technology what’s available to uneducated people. All people should be well-educated. All people have potential. Meaningless jobs should be filled by computers, and people should be encouraged and able pursue their dreams. Make the world a better place. Make themselves better. Make others better. And help the community.Perhaps I am too partial to romanticizing education. I truly believe that it is one of the most powerful forces in the world; that knowledge, not money, should be the most powerful. However, true education, education of this magnitude, is not, I believe, about pushing out “job-ready” graduates with “hot skills” at the right time or moment to enter a certain market. I believe the true graduates are the ones who leave college having faced themselves, and the world around them, and are ready to enter it; that specific skills are as important as life-skills, self-confidence, and general intelligence. That these hot skills don’t in fact add up if graduates are looking at the job market to pick a career, rather than finding their career based on their innate talents and desired life, whether this means that they work in advertising, as a teacher, professor, fisherman, farmer, agriculturist, or politician. We must find our own path and therefore happiness instead of the world demanding, stealing, insisting it away from us.So while education is a good and now an almost necessary cost in the vision of this country and our place in it, and while many things influence our futures in a numerical and calculated way – our parent’s education, our education, society’s demands, and media influences – we must insist on making our own dreams and happinesses real. ROI is not only about money gains, although it is often discussed in this matter. You are not a determined by the money you make.Of course, we must have some kind of practical plan. We have to make it work. And following our happiness, indeed can take a lot of work. And many make their visions work by combining them with one of the strong in-demand fields such as in science, technology, education or business. If we love the outcome, then the work in the end means something. This, in my opinion, is what matters.